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Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schwarzer


I, Stefan Schwarzer, can help you with

Software development and consulting

I solve your software problems with just the necessary effort. This way you get programs which are easy to understand, reliable and adaptable.

A crucial part of the software development is consulting; both have to go hand in hand to arrive at an ideal solution to your task.

My areas of expertise:

  • modeling and simulation of processes, especially in the engineering sciences
  • internet technologies like the web and e-mail
  • databases

I am not limited to these topics, though. Talk to me.


I can connect your existing systems, even if they are quite different or implemented in different programming languages. For example, I could develop a system to automatically feed real-time process data into simulation software.

User interface design / usability

I devise intuitive interfaces between software and its users. While this is most effective for programs planned or still in development, it is also valuable for software already in use. Due to clear interfaces, you save training costs and become more productive. Intuitive software is also more fun to work with.

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