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Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schwarzer


I, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schwarzer, am a software developer since 20 years, since 15 years as freelancing developer and consultant.

My main work areas are:


  • I have been developing Python software for 20 years.
  • Most of my projects use Python.
  • I give talks at Python events.
  • I wrote a Python book and several articles.
  • Since 2002 I maintain the open source library ftputil beside my paid work.


  • Since about 2005 I use almost only Linux on my computers (before that, FreeBSD for several years).
  • Most of my projects include software development under Linux.
  • So far I worked with the following Linux distributions, privately or in projects (alphabetically): Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, RHEL, Ubuntu.
  • I enjoy working on the command line.
  • During an earlier employment I maintained several Linux servers beside doing software development.

Engineering and scientific software

I studied and got a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I’m fascinated by the combination of software development with engineering and science.

Here are a few of my related projects (some before my freelancing time):

  • Modeling and simulation of reaction networks in a two-phase reactor (C++)
  • Modeling and simulation of simultaneous reactions together with substance and heat transfer in glass melts (Matlab)
  • Development of automation software for a chemical plant (ABB Industrial IT)
  • Migration of a simulation software from Fortran 77 to Fortran 90
  • Improvement and extension of software for optical systems (Python)

Knowledge transfer

It’s important to me to write software for you that you can still understand well after a project without my help. My code is not “clever” but straightforward and easy to follow. I also like writing documentation, both as docstrings and comments on the functionality and background of the code, and outside the code, for example as reStructuredText or Markdown. In my experience, code reviews also work well for information exchange.

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